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You want your lawn to look its best whether you’re having a BBQ, a graduation party, or even a wedding. We lawn care nuts spend a lot of time on our lawns to make them as green, lush, and healthy as possible. Now it’s time to show off all your hard work and make your dark green grass “pop” for your guests.
The date is set, and the responses are in. Let’s make a lawn that will “wow” your guests. Follow these five easy steps to make your grass a deep, dark green that you can show off at a party or holiday event on your lawn.
Note that this process will begin two weeks before your event. Take pictures of your dark green lawn before and after you fixed it so you can be proud of your work.

Step 1: Mowing & lawn stripes

Set your stripes two weeks before your lawn party. If you don’t already have a striping kit, you can buy one on Amazon. But Big League Lawns makes the best of them all. They cost a lot, but they work great.
Think about the pattern and direction you want to go in and stick to it for at least the last three mowings before your big lawn event. The lines between the stripes need to be set and clear.
Also, start lowering the height of your cut (HOC). The grass should be about 4 inches taller when it’s hot, but it should be shorter for your lawn event. Slowly move the mower deck down. For your last cut, you should aim for 3 inches or even a little lower.
Finally, bag your clippings. You don’t want any trash to be visible on the lawn or on people’s shoes. So start bagging while you’re lowering the HOC.

Step 2: Edge your landscape and walkways

If you haven’t already, set your edges two weeks before your lawn party. Depending on how much you need to edge, you might need to start with an electric lawn edger. If the area is small, you can use a saw-tooth edging tool or a square blade.
If you have been trimming the edges, keep using your string trimmer to keep them looking tight, and use your leaf blower to clean up the trimmings.

Step 3: Fertilize your lawn

Ten days before your party on your lawn, put down a nitrogen- and iron-based fertilizer. I wouldn’t use organics, especially Milorganite, because the smell might last. Also, organics tend to have a slower release, so things won’t “pop” as quickly.
Consider using one of the following, but keep in mind that if your lawn party is in the middle of summer, you shouldn’t use these on a lawn that is suffering from drought or disease. But if your lawn is green, healthy, and gets enough water, these will be fine:
Carbon Phix (20-0-12) (21-0-8)
Kelp4less Lawn Mix (21-0-8)
Scott’s Green Max (27-0-2)
Jonathan Green Green Up (29-0-3)
Lesco Turf Fertilizer (24-0-11)
Keep to your normal schedule of giving your plants an inch of water (or more or less, depending on the month or season). If you follow my guide for taking care of your lawn, you will already be spraying Kelp4less Extreme Blend or Green Lawn & Turf. You can also add a second dose here. Humic acid and sea kelp can only help in this situation.

Step 4: Apply Liquid Nitrogen + Iron

Four to seven days before your party, put a liquid iron on the grass (chelated iron). This is the most important thing you need to do to get the dark green lawn we all want. This is your hidden strength!
This product should be sprayed on evenly with a backpack sprayer or some other type of sprayer. Spray later in the evening so that the iron stays on the grass blades all night. The next day, after the iron has had plenty of time to get into the grass blades, you can run your irrigation cycle.
The best choices will come from the new line of lawn care products called Kelp4Less. You’ll give your turf not only Nitrogen and Iron, but also a lot of other minerals and micronutrients that are good for it.
Green Balance (1 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.) AND Micro Greens (2 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.)
Heavy Hitter (4 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.)
Use coupon code lanwphix for 15% off – and free shipping
Ferromec AC (15-0-0) is a good choice for solutions that have already been mixed. Iron Max AC 6-0-0 is a great choice if you want a true chelated iron product and are a purist. You can use up to 8 ounces of Ferromec AC per 1,000 square feet, but I only use 6 ounces per 1,000 square feet, so this large container is a good choice for larger lawns.
If you have a smaller area and only want to use the iron this one time, LawnStar and Southern AG both make fine chelated iron that will cover up to 4,000 square feet.
If your lawn is turning yellow because it doesn’t have enough iron, this is the best way to bring it back to life.

Step 5: The final mow and cleanup

Do your last mow, edge, and clean up the day before your party. The last cut should be 3 inches or less. Put those cuttings in a bag and make sure your stripes are deep and even. And use the weed whacker or string trimmer to walk around your property and make sure the edges are clean and tight.
Lastly, take a picture that has the best angles and lighting. Your lawn should look as good as new. Now, have fun at the party and accept all the compliments you’re sure to get.

How can I get a dark green lawn?

The best and fastest way to get a dark green lawn to show off to your guests and neighbors is to use a fast-release nitrogen fertilizer and a liquid iron product. The fertilizer should be put down a week before the event and then watered in, and the liquid chelated iron should be put down three to five days before the event.

How do I get stripes in my lawn?

Stripes on lawns are just the sun or light being reflected and bent in different ways. As you mow your lawn, the grass blades will naturally fold over in the direction you’re going. When you use a striping kit like a Big League Lawns Checkmate striping kit, the stripes stand out even more. With the sun behind you, the light stripes will look like the grass blades are folding away from you, while the dark stripes will look like the grass blades are folding towards you.

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