Djing is a fun hobby, and you want to make sure you have the best equipment possible. Do studio monitors count? Here it is!

Definitely use studio monitors for DJing. To get the best sound in the studio or at a venue, you’ll need high-quality ones. Great options are KRK Rokit, Adam Audio T5V, PreSonus ERIS 5 XT, Yamaha HS5, and M-Audio BX4.

Especially if you are a new DJ, you will need to know about the best studio monitors to use. Continue reading to learn about high-quality monitors and their benefits and drawbacks.

Best DJ Studio Monitors

As stated previously, there are several studio monitor brands that will likely meet your DJing needs. Here are a few popular and reliable monitors to consider.

KRK Rokit

DJs all over the world adore KRK Rokit speakers. Rokits have a huge bass and sound. The KRK Rokit’s clarity and precision are exceptional for a speaker with such a powerful bass. While these speakers work well with any genre of music, they are ideal for DJs due to their high power and reliable amplifiers.

They have a sleek, modern design that makes them ideal for any practice or home studio. But wait! KRK Rokits are great for events and house parties because they aren’t unsightly. They will look great almost anywhere. The KRK Rokit is a sleek, shiny, and efficient speaker.


Audio T5V

The Adam Audio T5V was designed for smaller studios, but can perform as well as the KRKs. Smaller in size, they are ideal for new DJs starting out at home with smaller studios. Despite its small size, the T5V has a fantastic sound balance that is ideal for small room/studio producers.

This speaker’s frequency response ranges from 45Hz to 25kHz, giving it an unrivaled nearfield response. This is a nice feature for DJs who are meticulous. Even in a small space, the T5V’s polypropylene woofer and rear-firing bass reflex port deliver stunning low-end bass sounds It’s amazing what you can do with the T5V.


The PreSonus ERIS 5XT active studio monitor features an integrated EBM Waveguide for high-frequency dispersion. This makes it a great choice for at-home studios because it enhances your experience. The ERIS 5XT also has strong connectivity and an articulate driver combo.

The 5XT can produce sound waves up to 102 dB. Its ported enclosure provides a deep, low-end sound. The 5XT is ideal for mixing or producing your own tracks.


Yamaha’s HS5 is another high-quality speaker that any home studio would be lucky to own. The Yamaha HS5 was designed for producers and DJs with smaller studios and rooms. Yamaha is known for spending years improving its speakers.

The HS5 will provide any DJ with high-quality sound at a reasonable price. With 70 watts of power and a frequency response of 54Hz-30kHz, these speakers can play any style of music (a very versatile brand). The HS5 also has built-in room control and high trim response, so it can be set up to work in any sized room. The Yamaha HS5 delivers a high-quality, versatile performance.


The speakers mentioned above are all more expensive (plus you may want to spend your money on other items), so a more affordable option should be included. I give you the M-Audio BX4! This clever little speaker, despite its size and cost, packs a punch. The BX4’s small size makes it ideal for a DJ on the go. The BX4 is lightweight, portable, and produces a powerful sound.

The BX4 is a desktop and small-space speaker that delivers studio-quality sound. It has surprising clarity, making it easy and enjoyable to hear your mixes. The BX4 is so adaptable and portable that it can be used for both leisure and work in the studio.

Audio A7V

The A7V is Adam Audio’s most popular and widely used speaker. It has transient and bass response, which is rare in cheaper monitors. Accelerated Ribbon Technology (ART) expands the speaker’s frequency range.

The A7V, like the Yamaha HS5, can be adjusted to fit any space. This makes moving from one job to another a breeze. DJs value the speaker’s ability to create tight, efficient, and controlled mixing. It is a very reliable choice that will last for years.

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