Size Doesn’t Matter! The 10 Best Mini Electric Skateboards!

Does size matter?

A question that has been asked since the beginning of time.

Everyone wants to get bigger, faster, and stronger.

But does that mean electric skateboards are different?

After all, there are some e-boards on the market today that are pretty crazy in how well they work.

Just look at the Evolve Carbon GT, Enertion Raptor 2, Boosted Stealth, or Meepo V3.

Each board is both very fast and very long.

Don’t get me wrong, high performance is important, but almost all of the electric skateboards that are making waves in the market right now are longboards that are big, heavy, and bulky.

Some of these boards can weigh 30 pounds or more.

Unless you’re riding it, you’re probably carrying it. And if you don’t have a custom backpack to carry that big board, you’ll have a terrible time walking around town.

Where are all the smaller, lighter boards that you can take with you?

It turns out that there are a few for sale. Almost every brand of electric skateboard makes a “mini” version of their board.

Don’t believe me?

If you go to any website for an electric skateboard, you’ll see that each company makes its own mini board (s).

  • Meepo
  • Ownboard
  • Boosted
  • Evolve
  • WowGo

Some small boards are so small and look like they were made for kids that they are called “penny boards.”

Why might you want to buy a mini or penny e-board?

The first thing to do…

Why would you even think about buying a board that is so small?

After all, we already know that e-boards that look like longboards usually work better and are easier to ride…

Let’s talk about what’s good.

How much it weighs and how easy it is to carry

A very important thing to think about when buying a board of any size.

A 40-inch longboard with a battery the size of Texas will weigh a lot more than a mini electric skateboard.

When your board dies, weight is a very important factor. A dead board is no longer useful. The next thing you know, you’re riding around the city and carrying around the world’s heaviest paperweight!

You might also have to carry your skateboard in places where skating isn’t allowed. Schools, busy sidewalks, private property, and other places may not let you skateboard, so the only thing you can do is pick up your board and carry it by hand.

With a mini e-board, you can carry it by hand without too much trouble.

Just think about this.

Picture picking up a 15-pound dumbbell and walking all over New York City.

Now, imagine picking up a 25-pound dumbbell and walking across the city.

Even though 10 pounds might not seem like much, trust me, you’ll notice a difference right away. That’s what it’s like to carry a heavy electric longboard instead of a smaller, more compact mini board.

Easier Travel

As with portability, it’s hard to travel with a big board.

If you want to bring your board with you on a trip, it probably won’t fit in a suitcase.

That means you’ll have to carry it with you when you’re not using it.

An electric skateboard will take up a lot of room in your trunk, so the best thing to do is choose the smallest board you have.

Length and Ability to Move

Electric skateboards that are smaller will be easier to move around on.

Larger longboards are usually easier to control and ride more smoothly, but you are much more likely to hit something, especially in tight spaces.

I’ve had to pass a few people when I was riding on a sidewalk.

When your board is 40 inches long, it will be much harder to get around a tight group of people or any other obstacles.

On the other hand, mini electric skateboards that are less than 30 inches long will help you get into tight places.


There’s no doubt that electric skateboards aren’t cheap.

But mini electric skateboards won’t hurt your wallet nearly as much.

Most of the time, they cost $300–$500 less than electric longboards that do the same thing.

This is a very important thing to think about when buying your first board.

When I was looking for my first e-board, I thought spending more than $700 was too much.

Less materials are used to make a smaller board, which can explain why it costs less.

Companies are also figuring out that there is a market for boards that are smaller and take up less space.

Not everyone just wants the biggest, fastest, and baddest board. In the industry, people’s age groups and interests are changing.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you might want to buy something smaller.

How do small e-boards perform compared to bigger ones?

You might not believe it, but smaller electric skateboards have a lot more power and speed than electric longboards.

The deck is often the only thing that separates a company’s mini e-board and longboard.

Since you can swap the battery between the two, the performance of the smaller and bigger boards is often the same.

Think about Ownboard, a company that makes electric skateboards.

The batteries they make for all of their boards are pretty much the same and can be used in any model. (Even though some boards offer batteries of different sizes.)

The Dual Hub 250W motor and battery options for the Ownboard Mini KT and the W1S are the same. The only difference between them is the length of the deck.

How did it turn out?

These two boards have the same top speed, range, ability to go up hills, etc.

This means that you don’t have to sacrifice performance in exchange for a smaller size.

Let’s move on to Boosted.

It turns out that all of Boosted’s boards can be used with either one of two different batteries.

  1. A “standard battery” with 7 miles of range.
  2. A “long-range” battery that makes the range go up to 14 miles.

Most of the time, their batteries work with all other models and can be switched out. Just like with the longer deck boards, a battery with a longer range can be added to a smaller board.

This means that if you buy a smaller board like the Boosted Mini X, which is 29.5 inches long, it will work about the same as the Boosted Stealth, which is 38 inches long.

The motor power and length of the deck are the only things that make each model different.

One point for the little boards!

Which models of mini electric skateboards are the best?

Now is the time to get to work.

We want a full list of the best miniature e-boards you can buy right now.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Those things are:

  1. Top Speed
  2. Range
  3. Weight Capacity
  4. Incline Rate
  5. Deck Size
  6. Weight
  7. Motor
  8. Cost

All the information we get will be relevant to 2020 time frame, so don’t be surprised if these boards and models change over time!

Let’s get started!

Ownboard Mini KT

Top Speed: 25 mph

Range: Depends on battery: 14 miles for Samsung 6.0Ah, 19 miles for Sanyo 8.1Ah.

Weight Capacity: 265 lbs

Incline Rate: 30%

Deck Size: 30 inches

Weight: 17.2 lbs

Motor: Dual Hub 250 Watts

Cost: Starts at $449

A few years ago, I bought a Mini KT. I took it to get to the train station, from which I took the train every day to school.

My neighborhood is hilly and bumpy, so it wouldn’t be the best place to ride an electric skateboard.

Wasn’t important…

It was easy for this thing to split up my neighborhood. It has a lot of power, speed, and range. On my street, a 200-foot hill is easy for it to climb.

The fact that this Chinese brand board was such a beast kind of surprised me.

Super underrated.

I really think you should try it. And at $449, it’s a great deal. If you want a longer range than the standard 14 miles, you can pay $549 for the more expensive Sanyo Tesla 8.1Ah battery that will give you a range of 19 miles.

This is why this board is the best!

Boosted Mini X

Top Speed: 20 mph

Range: 14 miles

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Incline Rate: 20%

Deck Size: 29.5 inches

Weight: 18 lbs

Motor: 1,000 Watts

Cost: $999

By far, Boosted has been the most popular brand of electric skateboard on the market. Even though their boards are more expensive than average, they still work well.

The Mini X and its brother, the Mini S, were both unveiled on April 14, 2018.

The announcements showed that the two boards were smaller, less expensive, and cheaper versions of the Boosted brand.

The deck of the Mini X is concaved and stiff, but it still gives you great control and agility. Around corners, it’s easy to make sharp and tight turns. When you combine this board with the super responsive and sensitive remote, you have a great product.

Evolve Stoke

Top Speed: 22 mph

Range: 10 miles

Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

Incline Rate: 30%

Deck Size: 33.5 inches

Weight: 17.9 lbs

Motor: Dual 1,500 Watts

Cost: $1,299

This board is almost as small as a mini board…

It’s 33.5 inches long, which is pretty long for an e-board that looks like a skateboard. I never got to test this board in person, which is a shame because I love the Evolve Carbon GTR series.

If this board is even a little bit like the Carbon GTR, it’s a beast for sure.

The boards from Evolve are very expensive, but they don’t let you down.

The two 1,500-watt motors almost seem like too much, but the reviews for this board are all 10/10. Approved!

Meepo Mini 2 ER

Top Speed: 29 mph

Range: 20 miles

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Incline Rate: 30%

Deck Size: 30 inches

Weight: 18 lbs

Motor: Dual 540 Watts

Cost: $609

The version of the Meepo Mini 2 that has been improved. This board did better than any other.

If you look at this board’s numbers, there’s nothing bad you can say about it. In fact, this board’s specs beat those of any other board you might compare it to.

And at a reasonable $609, why the hell wouldn’t you buy this board?

You can buy 2 Evolve Stoked boards for this price…

And if you still think this price is too high, you can buy the regular Meep Mini 2 (no ER battery) for $409. The 11-mile range is the only difference.

How good this board is really blows my mind.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it moves too fast. With a top speed of 29 mph and a short deck, that complaint makes sense. I don’t think you should ride THAT FAST because you could lose control and hurt yourself.

All the other reviews, however, were great.

WowGo Mini

Top Speed: 23 mph

Range: 12 miles (Can be upgraded)

Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

Incline Rate: 30%

Deck Size: 28 inches

Weight: 15.4 lbs

Motor: Dual 250 Watts

Cost: Starts at $379

WowGo is another one of those electric skateboards made in China that are shaking up the market.

The board not only works better than the Boosted Mini X, but it also costs more than half as much.

But don’t just look at the specs; the board is also fun to ride. It turns well, is quick, and doesn’t feel too stiff.

Even though it’s not first on the list, it has to be pretty high.

Don’t forget that $379 is almost nothing for a board with so many great features. This electric skateboard is very portable because it only weighs 15.4 pounds and has a 28-inch deck.

Don’t be afraid to check out their other boards and choices.

Leafboard Plus

Top Speed: 20 mph

Range: 12.4 miles

Weight Capacity: 240 lbs

Incline Rate: 20%

Deck Size: 25 inches

Weight: 10.5 lbs

Motor: 1800 Watts

Cost: $489

The company Leafboard got its start as a Kickstarter project.

Leafboard was one of the first mini electric skateboards, and it helped start the trend toward smaller, cheaper, and more portable boards.

The board got a lot of attention from the media and got a lot of money and people to back it.

How did it turn out?

Leafboard was able to get their business started!

Now you can buy 3 different boards from Leafboard. Each one has a really cool and unique design that makes it stand out from all the other plain-looking e-boards on the market.

It’s also the lightest electric skateboard on this list.

You can even pick the kind of wood that goes into your deck:

  • Birch
  • Bamboo
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Elec

If you want, you can also pay an extra $40 to change the standard wheels to Orangatang Kegel 80mm Wheels.

MaxFind Max 2 Pro Dual Motor

Top Speed: 24 mph

Range: 15 miles

Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

Incline Rate: 25%

Deck Size: 31 inches

Weight: 14 lbs

Motor: Dual 600 Watt = 1200 Watts Total

Cost: $619

I’ve been on a few MaxFind boards and can say that they are great e-boards that are well made.

The same goes for the Max 2 Pro.

First of all, the board is finished with a beautiful design. It’s the first electric skateboard in the world that looks like a diamond.

Even though this is a “mini” electric skateboard, it has a good size-to-weight ratio. The deck is 31 inches long and only weighs 14 pounds.

There are two different kinds of the Max 2.

  1. Dual Motor
  2. Single Motor

We chose the Dual Motor for this list because its specs are better than those of the single motor. Even so, the single motor is $90 less expensive and still performs very well.

Acton Blink S2

Top Speed: 18 mph

Range: 14 miles

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Incline Rate: 20%

Deck Size: 31.5 inches

Weight: 15 lbs

Motor: 1000 Watts

Cost: $599

Because of the Acton Blink S2, Acton is one of the better-known brands of electric skateboards.

On their website, they sell two other boards, but neither is nearly as popular as the Blink S2.

Even though it can only go as fast as 18 mph, it’s still a lot of fun to ride because it’s so easy to control and rides so smoothly.

And to make you more visible at night, the Blink S2 comes with front headlights, rear taillights, and side lights. It also shines light on what’s in front of you.

The Acton app, which you can get from the App Store or Google Play, is another great thing about the company.

The app can keep track of your board, rides, battery level, and estimated range. It can also compare your ride miles with those of other Acton riders around the world.

If you’re still not sure about how well this board works, think about this…

Reviewers have given the Blink S2 an overall score of 5 out of 5 stars.

Atom B10

Top Speed: 16 mph

Range: 7 miles

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

Incline Rate: 12%

Deck Size: 29.5 inches

Weight: 11 lbs

Motor: 1000 Watts

Cost: $449

Let’s be honest.

The atom doesn’t work as well as it could. It doesn’t go very far, and its top speed isn’t great either.

With a 12 percent incline, it will be hard to go up even the smallest hills.

Considering that the motor has 1000 watts of power, this is kind of strange.

Even though it says it can hold up to 275 pounds, this board is really for kids and teens.

I think this board would be great for someone who is lighter. But if you are overweight, you should cross this off your list and think about something else.

The design and art on the board and deck, which are made of maple, are pretty nice.

Swagtron Spectra

Top Speed: 16 mph

Range: 12.4 miles

Weight Capacity: No info available*

Incline Rate: 15%

Deck Size: 19.4 inches

Weight: 12.5 lbs

Motor: No info available*

Cost: $799

The Swagtron brand seems like it produces a decent line of products.

  • Hoverboards
  • Electric Scooters
  • Electric Bikes
  • Electric Skateboards

Many of them seem to be of good quality and have modern designs that are really cool.

But I had trouble finding basic information about the e-boards they sell on their website, like the size of the deck, the size and power of the motor, and other useful details.

So, the Swagtron Spectra is the perfect example of a small electric skateboard. It’s the shortest and most compact board because it’s only 19.4 inches long.

No, really, the Spectra would fit and be easy to carry in your backpack.

But what’s the best thing about Swagtron?

They have an app that lets you control your board from your phone, lock it for safety, choose different ways to ride, and do a lot more.


Even though it might be tempting to spend more than $1,000 on an electric skateboard, you should know that smaller e-boards are much cheaper and almost as good as those big, expensive electric longboards.

If you ride to work, you might be better off with a small board.

Many of them are small enough to fit in a backpack, which makes them a great choice for people who take the bus, train, or walk to work or school.

No matter how big or small the board is, riding it is always risky.

From what I’ve seen, riding a smaller board is even riskier because your feet have less space and the base is smaller (making you more tip-able).

Always be careful and slow down if you need to! Speed does kill!

I hope this article was helpful to you and that you’ll think about some of these boards in the future.



What fertilizer makes grass dark green

Prepare Your Grass For Domination

You want your lawn to look its best whether you’re having a BBQ, a graduation party, or even a wedding. We lawn care nuts spend a lot of time on our lawns to make them as green, lush, and healthy as possible. Now it’s time to show off all your hard work and make your dark green grass “pop” for your guests.
The date is set, and the responses are in. Let’s make a lawn that will “wow” your guests. Follow these five easy steps to make your grass a deep, dark green that you can show off at a party or holiday event on your lawn.
Note that this process will begin two weeks before your event. Take pictures of your dark green lawn before and after you fixed it so you can be proud of your work.

Step 1: Mowing & lawn stripes

Set your stripes two weeks before your lawn party. If you don’t already have a striping kit, you can buy one on Amazon. But Big League Lawns makes the best of them all. They cost a lot, but they work great.
Think about the pattern and direction you want to go in and stick to it for at least the last three mowings before your big lawn event. The lines between the stripes need to be set and clear.
Also, start lowering the height of your cut (HOC). The grass should be about 4 inches taller when it’s hot, but it should be shorter for your lawn event. Slowly move the mower deck down. For your last cut, you should aim for 3 inches or even a little lower.
Finally, bag your clippings. You don’t want any trash to be visible on the lawn or on people’s shoes. So start bagging while you’re lowering the HOC.

Step 2: Edge your landscape and walkways

If you haven’t already, set your edges two weeks before your lawn party. Depending on how much you need to edge, you might need to start with an electric lawn edger. If the area is small, you can use a saw-tooth edging tool or a square blade.
If you have been trimming the edges, keep using your string trimmer to keep them looking tight, and use your leaf blower to clean up the trimmings.

Step 3: Fertilize your lawn

Ten days before your party on your lawn, put down a nitrogen- and iron-based fertilizer. I wouldn’t use organics, especially Milorganite, because the smell might last. Also, organics tend to have a slower release, so things won’t “pop” as quickly.
Consider using one of the following, but keep in mind that if your lawn party is in the middle of summer, you shouldn’t use these on a lawn that is suffering from drought or disease. But if your lawn is green, healthy, and gets enough water, these will be fine:
Carbon Phix (20-0-12) (21-0-8)
Kelp4less Lawn Mix (21-0-8)
Scott’s Green Max (27-0-2)
Jonathan Green Green Up (29-0-3)
Lesco Turf Fertilizer (24-0-11)
Keep to your normal schedule of giving your plants an inch of water (or more or less, depending on the month or season). If you follow my guide for taking care of your lawn, you will already be spraying Kelp4less Extreme Blend or Green Lawn & Turf. You can also add a second dose here. Humic acid and sea kelp can only help in this situation.

Step 4: Apply Liquid Nitrogen + Iron

Four to seven days before your party, put a liquid iron on the grass (chelated iron). This is the most important thing you need to do to get the dark green lawn we all want. This is your hidden strength!
This product should be sprayed on evenly with a backpack sprayer or some other type of sprayer. Spray later in the evening so that the iron stays on the grass blades all night. The next day, after the iron has had plenty of time to get into the grass blades, you can run your irrigation cycle.
The best choices will come from the new line of lawn care products called Kelp4Less. You’ll give your turf not only Nitrogen and Iron, but also a lot of other minerals and micronutrients that are good for it.
Green Balance (1 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.) AND Micro Greens (2 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.)
Heavy Hitter (4 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.)
Use coupon code lanwphix for 15% off – and free shipping
Ferromec AC (15-0-0) is a good choice for solutions that have already been mixed. Iron Max AC 6-0-0 is a great choice if you want a true chelated iron product and are a purist. You can use up to 8 ounces of Ferromec AC per 1,000 square feet, but I only use 6 ounces per 1,000 square feet, so this large container is a good choice for larger lawns.
If you have a smaller area and only want to use the iron this one time, LawnStar and Southern AG both make fine chelated iron that will cover up to 4,000 square feet.
If your lawn is turning yellow because it doesn’t have enough iron, this is the best way to bring it back to life.

Step 5: The final mow and cleanup

Do your last mow, edge, and clean up the day before your party. The last cut should be 3 inches or less. Put those cuttings in a bag and make sure your stripes are deep and even. And use the weed whacker or string trimmer to walk around your property and make sure the edges are clean and tight.
Lastly, take a picture that has the best angles and lighting. Your lawn should look as good as new. Now, have fun at the party and accept all the compliments you’re sure to get.

How can I get a dark green lawn?

The best and fastest way to get a dark green lawn to show off to your guests and neighbors is to use a fast-release nitrogen fertilizer and a liquid iron product. The fertilizer should be put down a week before the event and then watered in, and the liquid chelated iron should be put down three to five days before the event.

How do I get stripes in my lawn?

Stripes on lawns are just the sun or light being reflected and bent in different ways. As you mow your lawn, the grass blades will naturally fold over in the direction you’re going. When you use a striping kit like a Big League Lawns Checkmate striping kit, the stripes stand out even more. With the sun behind you, the light stripes will look like the grass blades are folding away from you, while the dark stripes will look like the grass blades are folding towards you.

See more : Best lawn mowers for thick grass

Vizio Sound Bar Flashing White Lights: A Complete Guide For You In 2022

The sound bar from Vizio is one of the most popular choices among users. When you use a soundbar to listen to music, you enjoy it much more. Adding more bass action brings the sound up a notch and makes the vocals sound better. One of the best things about soundbars is that they make the sound in a room flow together.

Most people love the Vizio soundbar, which is one of the best on the market. But you might have trouble understanding it. Why do the white lights on my Vizio soundbar flash?

There are many things that could cause this to happen. It’s hard to tell if the problem comes from the hardware or the software. Most people think that technical problems are to blame for these kinds of problems. It might be true sometimes, but there are always a few things you can do to fix it. This article will explain why the lights are flashing white.

Why do Vizio sound bar lights flash White Lights?

There are a few reasons why Vizio’s lights go up and down, but this can happen with any sound bar. Each soundbar is different, and it does different things. The Vizio soundbar, on the other hand, is not affected by software or hardware problems when they happen. Let’s figure out what’s wrong:

1.The soundbar is not properly connected

There are things going on outside of the Vizio sound bar that make the White Lights flash so often. If you have a loose socket where the plug doesn’t fit well, white lights will flash.

This can sometimes mean that the soundbar keeps turning on and off. You can plug the soundbar back in after unplugging it. In these kinds of situations, people could also try to get more power.

In this case, unplug the soundbar and leave the socket open for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you can plug the AC cord into the soundbar and hold down the power button for a few seconds. Most of the time, this trick should solve the problem.

2.Disruption of settings

When something goes wrong with the settings, lights often start to flash.

There is a chance that the user accidentally pressed a button, which could make the light keep flashing.

In the settings, you can change a few things before the flashing starts. Check each setting one at a time instead of changing them all at once to find out why your light is flashing.

We will find out who did it. But if you don’t, you can fix the problem by resetting the whole soundbar.

3.Setting the LED light

If your soundbar has an LED light setting, the manual should have a page that tells you how to use it.

Many soundbars have a flashlight feature, which is great when you want to listen to music at night.

Some people leave the LED lights on in their rooms to make them more relaxing. With LED lights, on the other hand, you can do a lot more, like make them flash. If you read the manual, you might be able to figure out why the light is flashing.

How to stop lights from flashing in a Vizio soundbar?

Many people are annoyed by how fast the White Light lights flash. There are only a few buttons on the soundbar, and each one does something different.

When you press two buttons on a Vizio soundbar at the same time, it might do strange things. If the lights keep flashing white, you need to press the Bluetooth button and the input button at the same time. After the light blinks four times, it will stop.


Vizio sound bars are the best when it comes to sound quality. The music sounds the best, and the beat will blow your mind.

Sometimes, small problems need to be fixed. People don’t understand why the white lights on their Vizio sound bar keep flashing. We have a few ideas about what could be going on here. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, call the help center or a professional.


What is display resolution, and why is it important? [Complete Guide]

Want to know what screen resolutions are and why they’re important? Read on to find out why.

What Does Display or Screen Resolution Really Mean?

Images are shown on computer screens by using a huge number of tiny squares called pixels. To arrange the pixels, a horizontal and vertical grid is used. The horizontal and vertical pixels are shown as a way to measure the screen’s resolution.

Most of the time, screen resolutions are between 1024768 (or 1366768) and 19201080. So, the screen can be seen with 1024 pixels on the left and 768 pixels on the right (or vertically with 1366 pixels, and so on).

You can use this free tool to find out what size your screen is.

Screen size is different from screen resolution.

Besides the resolution, the size of the screen is also important. The diagonal of your screen tells you how big it is. One inch is the same as 5′′, 10′′, etc.

It has nothing to do with the size or quality of the screen. Let’s say you had a 10.6-inch tablet and a 24-inch desktop monitor, both of which had 1920 x 1080 resolutions. The resolution of both devices is the same, so they can both show the same image. The only difference is that because the computer monitor is bigger, the image will look much bigger on the screen.

Also, because the dots will be closer together, the larger image will look less clear.

Even if the size of two monitors is the same, they can still have different resolutions. If you have a high-resolution monitor, this resolution will let you fit more on one screen. Because the pixels are closer together, the images will be smaller, but they will still be sharper.

Screen Resolutions of 1440p, 2K, 4K, and 8K

When high-definition TVs became popular, manufacturers came up with a way to talk about display resolution. Most computer monitors will show 720p, 1080p, 1140p, or 4K as a number. In the same way, the “p” or I shows whether the display is interlaced or progressive scan.

One reason these numbers are also used for computers is because a computer monitor can show a higher-definition picture than a TV. Display numbers are always the number of horizontal lines on a screen.


Quad HD is the name for 2560 x 1440, which is usually found on gaming monitors and high-end phones. 1440p has four times the resolution of 720p HD. To make things even more confusing, many high-end smartphones have a resolution of 2,960 x 1440, which is part of the 1440p range.

4K or 2160p

People often use the terms UHD, 4K, and Ultra HD to talk about this resolution. It has a high display resolution and is found in high-end TVs and computer monitors. 2160p is called 4K when the width is close to 4000 pixels. So, 4K HD has four times as many pixels as 1080p Full HD.

8K or 4320p

With a resolution of 7680 x 4320, “8K” technology gives you 16 times more pixels than a regular 1080p FHD or “Full HD” TV. For now, the only 8K TVs you can buy are from LG and Samsung.

Here’s a test video that you can watch to see if your computer can handle an 8K video:

Consumer devices don’t have to have a 2K resolution yet.

In the world of film, a 2K resolution is 2048 x 1080. Consumers, on the other hand, would think it was 1080p. Also, some manufacturers of displays call screens with a horizontal resolution of more than 2000 pixels “2K,” even though they have a resolution of at least 25601440. In this case, the settings for this device are 1440p, which is also called Quad HD, not 2K.

The term “2K resolution” can be used to describe a TV, a monitor, a smartphone, or a tablet. It would be wrong to think that it only applies to these devices, though. Most likely, the real resolution is 1440p or quad HD.

Can I watch videos with a higher resolution on a device that has a lower resolution?

You might worry about whether a high-resolution video can be seen on a small screen. Can 720p TVs display 1080p videos? Yes, indeed! Any video can be watched, no matter how high, medium, or low the resolution of the screen is. If the video has a higher resolution than what your screen can show, your device changes the resolution of the video to match the resolution of your screen. One way to do this is by downsampling.

For example, if your screen can only show 720p and the video is 4K, the video will show at 720p.

Display orientation vs. the aspect ratio

The way you look at a screen depends on how it is set up. Landscape and portrait are the most common ways to set up a screen today. A display with a landscape orientation is wider than it is tall, while a display with a portrait orientation is the opposite.

Most of the time, our computer, laptop, TV, and many other screens are set up in landscape mode. For example, the screens on our smartphones are smaller, and we usually use them in portrait mode. However, since they are easy to turn, they can also be used in landscape mode.

The aspect ratio of a screen is the length of its long side compared to the length of its short side. So, when you look at a landscape screen, the aspect ratio tells you how wide it is compared to how tall it is. In portrait mode, the aspect ratio is not used to describe screens or other rectangles.

How does the resolution of your screen help you?

If you’ve read this far, you probably already know that the higher the screen resolution, the better. It’s not always like this.

If two screens were the same size, but one had a higher resolution than the other, the higher resolution screen would show more and need less scrolling. It also has more edge.

Because of this, the picture will also get smaller. You might want to zoom in on the picture because it’s hard on your eyes. This lowers the resolution and shows less on the screen. Why buy something with a high resolution if you can’t use it right?

This is especially likely to happen on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. We’ve also talked about whether or not your phone’s screen needs to be 4K.

You might think you shouldn’t pass it up just because it’s there, even if you don’t really need it. This is because of a few things. One of the main ones is money. No matter what size the screen is, screens with a high resolution cost more.

Another reason has more to do with how things work. For a high resolution, you need more resources. When you set your screen to 60Hz, the video card updates the frame 60 times per second. People don’t usually use 60Hz, and if they can, they would rather use 120Hz or 144Hz. When the resolution goes up, it puts more strain on the video card. Each pixel updates at the same time, so there is a lot of refreshing going on. There are more pixels when the strain is higher.

1920 x 1080 x 60 FPS is probably more than enough for medium-end video cards, but higher resolutions are hard to play on high-end video cards.



May 2022